When it comes time to assist real estate investors on their investments, we have expended a sizable amount of effort looking for all of the best tips and pointers to pass along to our audience. All of your real estate goals are considered here and these tips will allow investors to save thousands on their next property purchase.

Speaking to these companies is easier than you may realize. We are always willing to ask the right questions about the discounts that they have to offer. Whether you are looking for discounts on property management, lenders or cabinets, we have got you covered. These companies deserve all of the promotion that they receive for the service they offer to their Pro members.

Without further ado, here’s a closer look at all of the ways that you can save big on your next property purchase. These are the companies that provide the Pro perks you deserve when it is time to make a major investment of this nature.

1. NeighborhoodScout

This is a great company to work with if you are the sort of new investor who is looking to find out about all of the pertinent information that pertains to a neighborhood that you are considering investing in. NeighborhoodScout delivers all of the most vital information about each property you are contemplating and when you are willing to purchase an annual membership, you can save nearly $300 per year with the use of their services.

2. Patch of Land

Patch of Land makes the process of funding a project even easier than ever before. There are only five simple steps that need to be taken and once you have signed up with Patch of Land, you are able to remove $200 from the application fee. These savings will certainly come in handy during the real estate investment process.

3. Roofstock

In search of properties for sale that are ready for rental? Not only does Roofstock provide these sorts of perks to their Pro members but they are also able to offer clients the chance to enjoy a significant decrease to their closing costs. Being able to slice $500 off your closing costs is merely icing on the cake when dealing with this company.

4. PayLease

In a world where it is much easier for tenants to pay their rent electronically, PayLease prides themselves on making life even easier for both sides of this transaction. By setting up a rent collection program with PayLease, landlords are able to knock $299 off their setup fees and it does not matter what method their tenants are using to pay.

5. Dealflo

Landlords who use Dealflo enjoy over $300 worth of annual savings. If you are going to be marketing at scale, this is the sort of deal that should never be passed up. Dealflo clients also get to take full advantage of ActiveCampaign and any REI business worth its salt will benefit from Dealflo’s applications and integration processes.

6. Conventus

Landlords that find themselves in search of a hard money loan are not always able to obtain one in a timely manner. This is a problem that the good people at Conventus are more than happy to assist with. Instead of paying the $1,500 processing fee for these loans, Conventus allows their client to knock $500 off of this asking price.

7. ASM Schumacher and Sons

The benefits that this company has to offer are available to all members, whether they are using the regular or Plus version. These members can receive free building maintenance assessments that are typically valued at $275. A Pro member is able to knock 10 percent off their management contracts and building renovations as well.

8. Better

Landlords who close on a loan with the assistance of Better get to save a whopping $1,000 when it comes to their closing costs. Better prides themselves on providing the necessary assistance to clients who are in need of a loan. While this perk is available to Pro members, non Pro members who wish to learn more are urged to check out the company’s mortgage loans page.


NBKC Pro members enjoy working with this company because of their ability to provide an awesome opportunity to lower their lender fees. Lender fees can be one of the more cumbersome expenses when purchases of this nature are being made. NBKC allows Pro clients to save $200 on their lender fees and this is a benefit that cannot be ignored.

10. SenseFinancial

SenseFinancial is here to offer valuable benefits to all members, whether they are Pro, Plus or regular. Plus and regular members get to save $200 on their setup fees if they would like to set up a Checkbook IRA or a Solo 401. For Pro members, the savings jump all the way up to $300. This is especially useful for those who are looking to utilize creative forms of financing in order to obtain an investment property.

11. Zilculator

And last but not least, of course, Zilculator offers a great value when selecting and analyzing any investment property. It’s easy to analyze rental, fix&flip or wholesale investment within minutes. With an annual plan, you can save 20% compared to monthly subscription.