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After registration, you get to see the Dashboard where general account information and important notifications/updates are displayed.

Real Estate Analysis Dashboard

User-friendly & Automated Forms

There's no no learning curve with Zilculator! Helpful pop-ups will guide you throughout the process of adding a new property easily. You enter an address or a property MLS #, and the software loads property data (incl. photos, sales history, etc.) from the MLS®, Rentometer® and other data sources. You can add financing details, repairs, incomes and expenses. You can even schedule expenses!

Property Analysis Form

Rental Property Report

Create a beautiful and interactive online property analysis report in just about 2 minutes. Roll your mouse over the financial terms to show their definitions. Share the report with investors/buyers by email, or via social networks.

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Real Estate Analysis Report

Fix and Flip Report

Rehabbers using Zilculator never overpay for their deals, because they run the numbers - including extensive rehab estimates and financing options in the rehab evaluator. Zilculator helps them raise money for their projects with a professional lender report. Realtors and Wholesalers use this report to present flips to investors in the format and with the numbers they understand.

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Fix and Flip deal analysis

Wholesale Analysis

Select whether to market a property to a flipper or a rental property buyer. You will determine the maximum allowable offer in the wholesale report and then with just 1 click generate a marketing report for your buyers list!

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Wholesale real estate report

Property Inventory Website

Show all your available deals on one page! No need to email each property report separately. Share your own customized URL (subdomain) with your buyers. Add your branding, contacts and generate buyer leads with built-in forms. Don't want to send clients to Zilculator's website? Install our inventory plugin on your site!

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Property Listings page

Off-Market Property Marketplace

Publish your deals to our Marketplace and have thousands of buyers nationwide compete for your properties!

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Off-Market Property Marketplace

Sales Comps

Zilculator helps you generate CMA within a few seconds by automatically loading hundreds of recent sales comps. You can filter them, sort them by similarity or add your own comps manually.

Comparative Sales Analysis

Rental Comps

We partnered with Rentometer Pro® to show the industry-standard rental estimates right in our rental property report. You can display loaded rental comps or add your own as well.

Comparative Rental Analysis

Compare Deals

Select two or more properties for comparison to see which investment has better returns at a glance. Or compare various investment scenarios, such as different financing, rent, purchase price etc. Learn more in Zilculator Help Center.


Brand Your Reports

Add your logo and contact details to your reports, both in the online and PDF version. Contact us if you would be interested in white label version (removing all Zilculator branding).

Branded property analysis report

Generate Investor leads!

Our lead generation forms will capture details of prospective buyers and deliver them straight to your inbox or CRM.

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