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After registration, you get to see the Dashboard where general account information and important notifications are displayed.

Real Estate Analysis Dashboard

User-friendly Form

Zilculator is very user-friendly, with helpful pop-ups to guide you throughout the process of adding a new property easily. First you enter address, description, financing, income and expenses. You can even add expenses for the future years.

Property Analysis Form

Google Street View Photos

You can upload your own photos, or select one from Google Streetview's suggestions, which Zilculator automatically generates.

Google Street View for real estate analysis

Zillow Zestimate®

Zilculator also works with Zillow Zestimate®, which provides rent amount suggestions for all properties in the U.S.! This is one of the hardest tasks in property analysis, and Zilculator has solved it for you.

Zestimate: Zillow property evalautor

Rental Property Analysis

You can create a beautiful and interactive online property report like this in just a few minutes. Simply roll your mouse over the financial terms to show their definitions, then share the report with people by email, or via social media.

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Real Estate Analysis Report

Investors PRO

Fix and Flip Analysis

Rehabbers using Zilculator never overpay for their deals, because they run the numbers - including extensive rehab estimates and financing options in the new rehab evaluation section. Zilculator helps them raise money for their projects with a professional report.

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Fix and Flip deal analysis

Wholesale Analysis

With the new Wholesale analysis you can either select whether to sell the property to a flipper or a rental property buyer. You will easily determine the maximum allowable offer in the wholesale report and then with just 1 click generate a marketing report for your buyers list!

Wholesale real estate report

Comparable Sales

Important part of every property analysis report is a comparable sales analysis. Zilculator helps you generate CMA within a few seconds by automatically loading all available comps. Only the 10 most similar to your subject property are displayed. You can edit them or add more manually.

Private property report

Brand Your Reports

Zilculator lets you easily present your property reports to lenders, colleagues or clients with your own logo and address.

Branded property analysis report

Up to 20 Properties or Unlimited

You can store details of up to 20 properties with a Pro account, or an unlimited number with the Premium account.

Unlimited real estate investment software

Compare Properties

Select two or more properties for comparison to see which investment has better returns at a glance.

Compare real estate investments

Investment Scenarios

Are you wondering how different purchase prices, rents or other variables can influence the final return on your investment? Zilculator lets you analyze various investment scenarios by creating new property from a template, then using the comparison tool to evaluate results. You can find out more information about this by reading the FAQ.


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Your own Property Listings page

Show all your available deals on one page! You can share your own customized Lstings page with your potential buyers and publish new deals there. No need to email property reports separately.

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Property Listings page

"Ask about this property" Form

We added a simple contact request form on all of your reports to generate effectively new leads for your business.

Ask about this property

Adding new features

At Zilculator, we are constantly developing new features which real estate professionals just like you are asking for. These improvements will include the integration of MLS, property flyers, and much more. Until these features are ready, we are offering almost 50% discount on our Premium plan.


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