Supporting users of RealYields

Seeking an alternative to RealYields?

As of December 15th, 2016, RealYields -- a property analysis tool stopped running their service. Even though they were a competitor to Zilculator, I liked their website, and I am sure their customers did too. They started their business at the same time and the site was operational for over 6 years. Both the authors and I don't want to leave current users of RealYields hanging, so we are working on a way to cooperate. We have created a special discount coupon for new Zilculator real estate analysis - specifically for RealYields users.

If you are a registered RealYields user, you can use this coupon code: -------- and save 30%.

NOTE: The discount coupon for RealYields users expired, but if you were a RealYields user, you are welcome to contact us as we are able to offer another discount in specific cases.

Please remember that this coupon is only valid for the first 6 months. If you pay yearly, it will discount the whole payment. As such, I highly recommend opting for the yearly plan. This way, you will enjoy a much bigger discount.