Email sent out to registered users of on January 17th 2016

Hey, folks!

No doubt you're surprised to hear from me for a first time after so many years of silence. Though I have responded to your requests and questions individually over the years, I have never written mass emails. Quite simply, there wasn't a need to in the past. After all, the software I had built 7 years ago as my Master's thesis was running by itself. Apart from a few corrections and adding several new features, there wasn't a need for updates.

As time passed, however, I came to see that my website was starting to appear obsolete. Not just its design, but in general it wasn't up to modern standards of web development - not compatible with mobile devices, unresponsive, and not so user friendly anymore. What's more, many of you were asking me for new features - you wanted to customize the reports with your own logo and company address, you asked me for multi-family/commercial real estate support and even fix- and flip-calculations. I heard your needs, gathered and collected all of your requests, and from this information, decided to develop a brand new version from scratch, using the most modern standards available. I devoted hundreds of hours of my free time to the development throughout the past 2 years. I am confident it was worth it. I am still motivated by and enjoy the development process. But, most importantly, I am excited now to show you the new version, finally!

So what does this new version feature, you ask?

  • A shorter domain name, finally!
  • Mobile/Tablet friendly responsive design
  • Simple, user friendly input forms
  • Google address lookup (just start typing the street name and it autocompletes)
  • Zillow rent Zestimate for each property
  • Automatic Google streetview photo to use
  • Capacity to upload multiple photos
  • Online report with new charting system
  • Customizable (branded) PDF reports
  • Option to make reports private (not searchable by Google)
  • Comparison tool (see which property/scenario performs better)
  • Multifamily / Commercial real estate features
  • Paid Subscription plans

I want to be clear that I am still offering a version that is free, which may be adequate for some home buyers who want to analyze one or two properties. That being said, for me to be able to devote the time, I simply needed to charge you a couple of bucks for using it. Note, there is a coupon at the end of this email! Many of you asked me over the years whether there was an option to give a donation. It is now possible. Essentially, you can buy me a lunch, and maybe the free time I invested in the software will slowly be repaid.

Another good reason to pay for a subscription is that it will show me you like the work I am doing, which will - in turn - motivate me to develop new features. In that respect, I have many ideas, especially for an advanced Premium plan, which would be beneficial mainly to real estate professionals. I see this as including (but am open to input):

  • One-click form filing, using just an MLS #
  • Property flyers (for marketing)
  • Craigslist templates
  • Listing page for a realtor/agency/investor - where you can display all of your available properties

I want to emphasize that I welcome your feedback and feature suggestions; after all, I am building this to serve your needs. So if there is a demand for something, I will develop it. To that end, there is a Feature request form in the Dashboard area where you can vote and easily add new requests.

Enough from me already - I know. I am sure you are ready to check out the new website. But first a few more important notes to keep in mind. All of the accounts and all of the properties have been transferred to the new version, and all the links from RealEstateAnalysisFREE will be redirected.

Password reset

There are better encryption password standards these days, and therefore I will ask you to reset your password before you login for the first time. You can use the same password if you want. Click the button below and use the email address associated with your old account:


Once you sign in, you can check the Features & Pricing page to see what plan will suit you, or if you would rather opt for the free account.

Too many properties?

It's quite possible that you created more properties in the old version than your plan will now allow (e.g. only the Premium plan has an unlimited number). Don't worry, though. I won't delete your data, but you will have to select what properties you no longer require and curate on your own. When you visit the Properties page, you will first see some active properties and then other grayish boxes for the over-the-limit number of properties. You can view all of them, but won't be able to edit them. Essentially, you can go through your list and reduce to the number permitted in your subscription plan.

Discount coupon

Last, but not least, I would like to thank each of you for your support over the years, and as loyal users and "early-birds" of the new tool, I would like to offer you a huge discount on all the subscription options. To make it somewhat easier to transfer, I created a 50% discount coupon for you. It will be available for a maximum of 6 months, but if you decide to use the yearly subscription it will discount the entire year, so that is definitely the more economical option.

For billing we use Stripe payment systems, which is a highly reliable payment gateway, your credit card details are never stored on our servers. Right before you enter your Credit Card details into the Stripe popup on Sign up page - there is a field to enter the coupon code. The coupon code is: --------

NOTE: The discount coupon expired, but if you were a RealEstateAnalysisFREE user, you are welcome to contact us as we are able to offer another discount in specific cases.

Alright, that's it. Thanks for reading this email and I hope to hear from you soon. Check the new and let me know if you have any questions. It is always good to hear from each of you.

I hope you're doing well.

Take care,


IMPORTANT! Be sure to use the same email address you used at the old site when resetting the password, so that your discount can be applied.