Frequently Asked Questions

About Zilculator

Zilculator started in 2010 as a Master thesis project. Back then, it had more basic functionality than it has today. Over the years, enhancements were made. Zilculator is a brand new version of the original software, but has been designed for mobile responsiveness and latest web development standards. More importantly, it offers features designed at the request of many users. After a year in the marking, Zilculator is ready to help you make smarter decisions, the easy way.

I want a new feature!

I am always happy to hear your feedback and requests for new features. All you need to do is fill out the form above! Tell me what your desired feature would look like, what fields you would like in the form, and what would be the desired calculation or output. As a one-man team, I can't implement all requested features, but if a few people request the same thing, I will definitely consider it!

What's with the Premium plan?

We are still adding new features to the Premium plan. Until these features are added, we can't charge users the full $49/month. Some users asked us to enable this subscription so they could add an unlimited number of properties. We decided to give them that option - with a significantly reduced price. We're working hard to add the features, and we'll let you know when they're ready via email sometime in summer 2017.
Until then, we won't change the price!

How do I analyze the various investment options for the same property?

The best way to check various "what if" scenarios is to create one report for a basic scenario, then create a new report using this template--essentially editing a duplicate copy. On the duplicate, change one of the parameters. This is easy to do. Log in to Zilculator and select "Add Property"; you will see a drop-down menu with names of properties you have already analyzed. Select a basic scenario to analyze, and all the parameters (input fields) are filled in automatically. Next, change the name of the report and adjust the parameters you want to test for this scenario (e.g. purchase price or financing). Finally, analyze the property. Once you will have created a couple of scenarios, you will be able select them for comparison on the Properties page.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Unfortunately, PayPal is not a current payment option at Zilculator. If PayPal is the only way for you to sign up, I can manually accept payments through PayPal for yearly subscriptions. If you'd like to arrange this, contact me today!

Can I upgrade from a monthly to a yearly subscription?

Of course. Yearly subscriptions at Zilculator offer the best deal, offering you 20% savings over a monthly subscription. If you like this site, why not save some money with a yearly subscription? Once you sign in, go to your Settings, click on subscriptions and upgrade your subscription. You can do this at any time. We will prorate your invoice and deduct remaining balance of the current month to ensure that your subscription is completely fair.

Can I cancel at any time?

For your ease, Zilculator subscriptions renew automatically every month, just like Netflix. But of course you can cancel at any point--we would be a shabby business if that wasn't an option! Canceling is easy: simply go to your settings page, click "cancel," and you're done. You will be able to use all Zilculator's features right up to the end of your current billing period. You can also renew your subscription and regain unlimited access at any time. It's as easy as pie!

When I try to sign up, it says my card is declined.

Sorry for the inconvenience! If your transaction was denied, you can contact your bank directly. If you prefer to subscribe through PayPal, you can pay here and we'll sign you up for a yearly subscription.

I found a bug on the site.

Thank you for alerting us! Please leave us the exact steps needed to reproduce it in the contact form, and a member of our team will fix it as soon as possible.

I love Zilculator! How can I help?

Thanks! Zilculator is a different to Zillow or Trulia. Many of these companies spend thousands on marketing, telling the world about their products--and passing the cost of that down to you, the customer. Zilculator relies mainly on word of mouth. If you find this tool useful, please tell your friends. Send an email, share Zilculator on Facebook, or send a tweet out to your followers. It really does help!