Real Estate Investment Software: Mission

There are many tools for different types of Real Estate investment software and calculations on the internet nowadays. However most of them are not using sophisticated financial indicators and usually stay only with the simplest ones. Even though Real Estate investment is a very specific type of investment (especially when comparing with securities), there are some standard indicators which can be used in its analysis.

The main goal of this real estate investment software is to cover all relevant indicators for Real Estate analysis in an online application which will calculate values of these indicators for specific cases.

This application is designed using the latest software engineering methods and implemented with modern tools and libraries, which make the application highly user friendly. The application contains user and administrator interface. Users are able to register, then save details of each investment property and compare them between each other. Users are also able to upload a picture of the property. The tool provides various calculations, including operational, financial and financing indicators and ratios.

Some of the results are displayed in user friendly – interactive charts and location of the property is shown in a dynamical map (google maps api). Users are able to download or print analysis in PDF format, including charts and maps as pictures. They are also capable to send the generated PDF analysis to an email address. Simple definitions and explanations of various calculations and charts are included in the report as well.

The purpose of this real estate investment software is not to serve as an exact tax calculator, but some basic taxation models are implemented.

It was a long process, but the tool is ready for you to try it on the main page. It is totally free, so enjoy and recommend to your friends.