Real Estate Analysis: Analyze Property page

In the next couple of post we will describe the important features of the Real Estate Analysis FREE – real estate investment software.

You can access the Analyze property page from the right side menu on the homepage or using this link: Analyze Property page

This page contains a quite complex input form, where the information about the property is to be entered. The form has six main parts: Property image, Basic property information, Property value information, Property incomes, Property expenses and Proforma estimations. Some of the fields are required and these are marked with a yellow “required” sign. Another sign in blue color serves for additional information about certain fields. When the user points the mouse over this icon, a small information box appears. This is done in JavaScript and again, it is making the use of the form more user-friendly. All the fields are validated live when you actually type the information in. That is really nice, because you don’t have to come back to correct the fields later if they wouldn’t be valid.

What makes the form less complex is also the fact that some of the fields appear only when they are needed. For example the field for early mortgage termination appears only if the entered holding period is shorter than the length of the mortgage. User is able to fill in two loans for the purchase of the property, but the part for the second loan is displayed only when its checkbox is selected.

The image of the property is uploaded through an AJAX call, and therefore the page doesn’t have to be refreshed and users do not lose the data filled in the form. An image with too high of a resolution is resized to 280 x 200 px and cropped if needed.

An important feature for registered users is the ability to create a new property from an existing one (as it would be a template). This is especially valuable when users are analyzing properties of a similar type and even in a similar location. So don’t hesitate and register, and you will see all the advantages of property comparison. The property comparison page will be described in one of the next posts.