Real Estate Analysis Software pricing

In the last blog post we talked about different features of real estate investment software. We talked about the various parts of Real Estate Analysis, calculations, ratios and extra  features (like multiple property comparison or mapping functionality).

The last, but not less important characteristic of the real estate investment software is the price. There are some tools, which don’t even reach really high standards and are offered for more than $200 or $300. That is quite a rip off in my opinion. I can imagine to pay something like $50 for a long term use of a good quality software.

When I search in google for keyword real estate analysis – I can see 4 tools on the first page. One of them (iAnalyzeRei) have monthly payments of about $35 or one time fees for $200 and more (ProApod). Do you want to pay $200 for an excel file? That is just incredible.

I am myself a real estate investor and I needed something to do all the calculations fast and at one place. I didn’t want to pay these amounts though. I have also been finishing last year of master studies of economics and therefore I have decided to create a tool, which I will be able to use. And since I don’t like to do things just in easy and crappy way, I have developed something extraordinary, better than all the other tools around.

Long story short, I have build a tool, which is taking the most important features and integrating them in one user friendly online system and most importantly:  it is offered for free for all users. No catch. The project was started as a final project in school, but was done by a real estate investor (me) and consulted with real estate agents. You can check it out and let me know your opinion, since we are still working on it to build the best real estate analysis tool online and for free! This will put all the other real estate investment software in dust.

I will be describing some of the features of this free real estate analysis software in the next posts.

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