Real Estate Analysis: Save or send PDF report by email

Send Email Feature Today I will describe two very important and complex features of this Real Estate Investment Software. Imagine yourself filling all the details in for a new residential investment property, then hitting the analyze button to see your Real Estate Analysis. You can see all the results and outputs in nice interactive charts, but you also want to show it to your friends investors next day. You can surely save the property and pull it later online, but if you won’t have access to the internet, you need to print the report.

Maybe it sounds like an easy thing to do, but from a development point of view, generating all the charts as gif images, so they would be printable and putting together the PDF pages took almost most of the time. Fortunately this feature was developed and even though it takes a few seconds for the server to crunch the data, you will get the best output.

Print PDF Report

This feature can be accessed either directly from the property report page (down at the bottom of the report), or from the screen with saved properties. It generates PDF report with the same content as the property report page. The only difference is that the maps and charts are first converted to regular PNG images. The PDF report can also be sent to an email address.
Send PDF Report by Email
Do you need to send the report fast to your friends or banker? This feature was integrated too. You can find it at the bottom of the property report page as well.
It is possible to send the PDF report by email as an attachment either to the your own email address or any other address. You can fill in specific personal notes or comments, which will be included in the body of the email. The email is sent in two versions – plain text and html version, which makes it compatible with all email clients and also helps avoiding to get recognized as spam.
You can try out these great features right away in this great Real Estate investment Analysis tool.