Real Estate Analysis: Compare properties

There are some advantages and features in this Real Estate Analysis Software, which are accessible only to registered users. The registration process is free and the only reason why it is needed, is because the users has to be able to access their account and saved properties. When a registered user has done Real Estate Analysis and saved multiple properties, then he can simply select some of them on the Saved properties page and compare them. There is no limit for number of compared properties. The compare properties page displays an interactive (google) map with the locations of all properties and a table of the important information, measurements and ratios of each property. The range of these fields is similar to the range of the executive summary part in the property report. The economically worst value from each category is highlighted with red background and the best value with green background. This way the user can easily identify which property might be a better investment. Register, save at least two properties and check out this cool feature!