Big day for Real Estate Analysis – Introduction on BiggerPockets forum.

It’s been a big day for Real Estate Analysis, since yesterday I have finally showed my real estate investment software on my favorite and respected real estate forum – I was pretty nervous to show my piece of code to all the professional and experienced investors out there. I like bigger pockets forum and I always recommend it to other investors. The main reason is that there is simply so many helpful and advice giving people, with exactly the experience you are interested in – real estate investing. It’s better to ask there often rather than real estate agents, since real estate agents have totally different needs and knowledge than investors.

Anyway, the real estate analysis free was introduced and I asked bigger pockets members for feedback, and I got already some interesting ideas and corrections from them, so hopefully I will make updates to the website soon. I will keep everybody posted.

Here is the bigger pockets thread about Real Estate Analysis FREE: