Real Estate Analysis – Competitors’ analysis

When I started building this real estate investment software, I have started looking around on the internet to see how the other real estate analysis tools look like. There is quite a few of them, but some are better and some are worse. Most of the competitors’ tools experience lack of sophisticated financial measurements (NPV, IRR) and instead are providing more basic and indicators, such as cash-on-cash return. These real estate analysis tools were excluded from the further analysis, and I won’t be even mentioning them here.
Deeper analysis was performed during the deployment phase of the project. The four most important competitors are:

  • – most feature-rich competitor (comparing unlimited properties, many indicators) however does not include calculation of NPV for example
  • – most reliable in the calculations (includes NPV, complex tax implications), however does not have many features and is not much user-friendly
  • – in its highest version includes many features and also more sophisticated indicators
  • – can generate extensive reports for Real Estate agents, contains comparable analysis and financially sophisticated indicators

Two of the tools are web based ( and based on paid subscriptions from $20 per month and another two ( and are in fact excel applications and are sold for onetime fee (starting at $150).
The main advantage of Real Estate Analysis FREE is obviously the features and the price, since it is providing more features than most of the real estate analysis tools, in a user friendly format and free of charge.

So do not hesitate and try the analysis by yourself – or see the sample investment property report.