How to Make a House Offer Without an Agent

Of recent, there has been a steady growth in the number of home sellers choosing the FSBO method of home selling – no thanks to the spike in the number of unqualified Realtors and the nefarious activities of some. Selling your home has never been as easy as it is now. Thanks to improved technology, you do not need the services of a real estate agent.

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Steps To Make An Offer For A Property

  1. GET THE PROPERTY: The first step in making an offer for a property is getting the property itself. To do this, ensure you take a walk around the neighborhood where you wish to purchase the property. Find out the best possible location for the property -taking into account environmental factors in the area.
  2. GET THE HOME INSPECTED: After deciding the property you wish to purchase, get the home inspected. You can choose to hire a professional inspector to help you, or you could do this on your own- the odds are that you are just as good as the inspector if you take your time to study the property well. Ensure you carry out an exhaustive inspection of the property and look out for any repairs/renovations or remodeling that you might need to make after you purchase the property.
  3. CARRY OUT A PRICE ANALYSIS AND COMPARISON: The results of the inspections should give you an idea of the best possible price you should pay for the property. Compare the price for the property with the price of others in the area. You can use to compare the best possible price for such property in such area. You can also use The Zilculator Real Estate Software – termed the Realtor in your Palms- to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the property.
  4. MAKE AN OFFER: Armed with the information gotten from step 2 and 3 above, it’s time to make an offer for the property. Approach the realtor in charge of the sale or the owner -if it’s a case of FSBO- and make an offer for the property. Be ready for the rigorous back and forth offer-counter offer processes that would ensue. Do not allow yourself to be sweet talked at this stage, any slight mistake on your part and you’re going to have to bear it forever. Stand your ground and be sure of what you want. Remember the listing agent is only interested in selling the home for as high as he can, your realtor’s work is to ensure you buy it at the least possible price. Since he is out of the picture here, you need to make sure you play his role very well.

MONITOR THE PROCESS: Your realtor work is also to ensure the deal is closed on time but without his presence, you have to fend for this yourself. Try to monitor the process to ensure it pulls through successfully and timely. You should keep in contact with the listing agent as well as the seller and ensure you are kept abreast of current happening in the sale process.