While many parents like to do their best to make sure that they are leaving their children a sizable nest egg, there are other forms of guidance that need to take place. After all, what good is leaving your children an inheritance if they are unable to manage their money and real estate once you have passed on?

Fortunately, there are ways to teach children responsibility from a real estate standpoint. Best of all, you are able to have fun with your little ones in the process. The next generation needs to be given a chance to turn the little bit of real estate that they are going to be given into much more.

Games teach our children lessons in a way that we simply cannot match. While a parent can do everything in their power to show their child the way, games that allow these lessons to be internalized are a great choice. Much of it may go over their heads in the moment but there is nothing wrong with getting their feet wet.

These are the five games that need to be tried out this holiday season. Be sure to read on and learn more about these awesome games and how they can boost your little one’s knowledge of real estate.

The Best Real Estate Games For Parents To Play With Their Children

1. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go may not seem like the most obvious choice when it comes to teaching children about real estate but there are definitely lessons to be learned here. The lessons that are provided as far as branding is concerned are absolutely priceless. The budding real estate entrepreneur in your house will enjoy exploring new destinations.

If you want to increase their level of knowledge, allow them to hunt for Pokemon in different neighborhoods. This gives them the chance to learn about other areas of their city and will inspire further questions about various pieces of property that they did not consider beforehand.

2. Fortnite

Parents who are not familiar with this game need to get on board quickly. Fortnite offers valuable budgeting lessons for children everywhere. Children who are predisposed to begging for your tangible dollars so that they can make virtual purchases will finally learn that this begging has consequences. Give them an allowance to work with, so that they are able to learn more about the value of a dollar.

3. Cashflow 101

This is thought to be one of the most important real estate games and parents who do not play this game with their children are missing out. Robert Kiyosaki created this title and it is a popular choice for various real estate investors. Players are pitted against the elements, as well as the markets.

Cashflow 101 is responsible for introducing children to the real estate investment concepts that are going to govern their future decision making. Your little ones will find out more about the importance of remaining free of debt and this is a lesson that can never be learned too early.

4. Chess

Chess is not always the easiest game to teach to a child but those who can pick it up are able to master it relatively easily. In fact, it may be best to introduce your child to chess when they are still young. It is the type of game that is harder to learn as we age. It teaches the child about all of the different roles that each piece on the board will play.

It lets them know when they should be as decisive as possible and when they should be sitting back. Creative thinking skills are bolstered. Long-term strategy plays a massive role in the level of success that a child experiences while playing chess. Being able to remain ahead of the competition at all times is a key to success in chess….and in real estate.

5. Monopoly

There is no way that a list like this one would be complete without the inclusion of Monopoly. Now that there are numerous Monopoly themes to choose from, there is no shortage of options for your child to enjoy. This is one of the best games for parents who might be looking to introduce their child to real estate principles, without overwhelming them in the process.