10 Software Tools For Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents are the masters of multitasking. Successful real estate agents do more than just list a home for sale, they are marketers, salesmen, and organizers. For many great realtors, it comes down to having the right tools.

Being a great real estate agent means time management, following up, and juggling many activities, clients, and closings simultaneously. With the right software tools, any real estate agent can reclaim their day and make sure nothing falls between the cracks!

With marketing, sales, tasks, closing, and new clients, there are many solutions for any real estate agent. We picked the best type of tool for many of the problems real estate agents need to solve! We have listed the 10 Software Solutions to be a better real estate agent.

CRM / Follow Up: Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a must for any real estate team who needs to organize their leads and follow up efforts. Trusted by some of the top real estate teams in America, This tool takes the guesswork out when to follow up with any new lead. It also will help your team identify the most important leads,  and instantly assign new leads to agents.

This software solution for real estate agents makes it easy to know where your leads come from, and what happens to them! A one-stop-shop for messaging, marketing, reporting, and integrations, Follow Up boss takes charge of your lead management.

Follow up boss sends reminders to follow up on your leads, and easy to use automation for faster transactions! Never lose a commission from a lack of follow up again!

Property Analysis: Zilculator

Zilculator is a user friendly, and easy to use tool for property analysis! You can easily enter property information and generate reports to compare, share, and present to your clients.

An important part of every property analysis report is a comparable sales analysis. Zilculator helps you generate CMA within a few seconds by automatically loading all available comps from multiple sources.

With the Zestimate integration, you can get real-time analysis of your properties in your market. With Zilculator,  you can easily list properties in its Off-market property Marketplace, run comparisons of various investment strategies, and share properties to clients with only a few clicks.

Listing: Listing Power Tools

Listing Power Tools is a must for any agent looking to wow buyers and sellers. In real estate, first impressions are what make sales! With listing power tools you can generate more offers for listings!

Instantly and seamlessly generate Listing power packs that are sure to wow clients. From business cards, presentations, direct mails, door hangers, direct mail, and much more you can instantly create beautiful marketing materials for any listing.

You can easily combine your direct mail with their lead capture technology that connects you instantly to potential clients and leads for your properties. Listing Power Tools offers you direct feedback on your marketing, with beautiful marketing for your listings. Show your clients that you are the one to get homes sold!

Signing Tools: DocuSign

Speed up your transactions with cloud signatures. This is a necessary software solution for a real estate agent! With DocuSign you can easily get the signatures for your transactions anytime, any device, and anywhere.

DocuSign is a fast and easy way to get documents signed. They are securely managed and stored in the cloud, which makes for easy management for your clients.

By using this software solution you can easily save hours and have smooth transactions. They offer easy edits for any documents, and have many premade templates for realtors to use! This is a must for a modern-day real estate agent!

Transaction Management: Brokermint

Brokermint removes the time and frustration of knowing your deals and commissions. With easy transaction management, reports, and commission this takes the guesswork on your deal flow.

Brokermint makes tracking your commissions and transactions easy. You can get visibility on the status of every deal, with easy checklists helping you to close the deal.  You also can get reports on your yearly and monthly transactions, making it easy to set goals and see your own progress.

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You can easily integrate it into your other software, such as Dropbox, DocuSign, and much more. This makes it easy to know the real-time status of every lead in your database! Brokermint is a lot for any agent wanting to track and report on their own transactions and commissions!

Calendars: Calendly

Make booking appointments easy! Calendly is the top scheduling and calendar software solution for real estate agents.

With seamless mobile and desktop use and easy to design appointments, easily find the times that work best for you and your clients! You can easily customize the type of appointments, making it easy to organize types of meetings.

Integrate your other software for seamless transactions and without the back and forth! You can block out time for personal or office time making sure you are never over-booked. Calendly is the software solution for agents looking to reclaim their time.

Task Management: Trello

Trello is the ultimate to-do list and task management tool! This cloud-based software is perfect for organizing projects, and clients in one easy todo list.

This is great for those looking to collaborate with a team, and for easier organization. It is easy to integrate into any software. You can also move projects across stages or to-do lists and assign tasks to other members.

Trello is a must-have for busy real estate agents who need to know exactly what needs to be done, and for quick updates!

Social Media Scheduler: Hootsuite

Marketing and social media go hand in hand, which is why Hootsuite is a must for any real estate agent. This software solution for real estate agents makes scheduling and planning social media posts quick and easy.

You can easily schedule posts for all major social media platforms with seamless integrations. With a few clicks you can schedule and publish posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, with your audience.Additionally Hootsuite will offer the best times and tips to posting to each channel.

Hootsuite offers courses, webinars, and training to help you make the most of your content as well. With their suggestions for posts, and tips to make smarter social postings you can easily grow your social media marketing with less time and frustration than before! With a regular posting schedule, you can generate more leads as a real estate agent! You can learn more social selling tips from a hard money lender here.

Graphic Design: Canva

Take the guesswork out of what to post with Canva. Make beautiful and share-worthy posts in a few clicks. Canva is a free software solution with thousands of ready-made templates. You can easily make graphics, posts, flyers, and more with a few easy clicks.

The easy drag and drop layout makes it easy and simple to make beautiful graphics for just about anything. You can easily make flyers, brochures, business cards, and more with their templates. You can customize templates with your branding, fonts, free stock photos, and graphics.

Video: Animoto

Video marketing and virtual tours have never been this popular, so more agents are looking for easy to use video software. Thankfully, Animoto makes it easy to make beautiful videos.

Whether you are making property listing videos, slideshow videos, testimonials, or quick updates, Animoto makes it easy.

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With pre-built storyboards, you can droop your videos and shots to make compelling videos. Their easy to use text features mean fast edits and seamless sharing.

You can easily upload your videos and share them to social media, making it easy to share your creations. With this software solution, real estate agents can create polished videos in a manner of minutes!


Real estate agents need the right tools to be successful. Marketing, Follow Up, Closings, Property analysis are made easy with these software solutions. Using the right tools you can easily reclaim your time and focus on the tasks you need to accomplish.

10 Software Solutions For Real Estate Agents

  • Follow Up: Follow Up Boss
  • Property Analysis: Zilculator
  • Listing: Listing Power Tools
  • Signing Tools: DocuSign
  • Transaction Management: Brokermint
  • Calendars: Calendly
  • Task Management: Trello
  • Social Media Scheduler: Hootsuite
  • Graphic Design: Canva
  • Video: Animoto