Power Up Your Real Estate Network With Local Meetups

In order to truly prosper in the world of real estate investment, an investor must be willing to shake some hands and kiss some babies. Local real estate investment events are a great way to spread the word. After all, this is a people business!

It may take some trial and error. The investor might make some early mistakes. Those who stick with it are able to improve their opportunities, though.

What Are These Meetups?

These meetups allow real estate investors to meet up and nerd out over a variety of subjects. Spending time around like minded investors is a great way to step one’s game up. Net worth and network are synonymous. Every investor should be taking advantage of the power of networking as much as possible.

Why Should An Investor Host These Events?

If there are not any quality meetups for like minded real estate investors in the region, this is the investor’s cue to start one. Even those who do not believe that they are qualified to host can still benefit. Use Facebook groups to tap into the local investment community. It does not matter if the investor has a small following on social media.

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Meetup.com is another powerful platform. An initial investment is required but it is worth it. The time for making excuses has come to a close. It is time for the investor to take action. Local parks and coffee shops are a great place to begin. As the meetups grow in size, the investor can choose a larger venue.

What Are The Benefits of Attending These Meetups?

An Opportunity To Learn

A real estate investor must take the time to hone their craft. They are able to learn more about the ins and outs of investment when they spend time with like minded individuals. The host of the meetup is always going to have a better chance of exchanging words with everyone in attendance. Hosting a meetup provides a range of opportunities to expand one’s knowledge base.


Whether the real estate investor is attending or hosting, they are going to have many opportunities to speak with those who have been there before. A host should be taking the time to speak with each and every investor in attendance. Make sure that they are always feeling welcome. This increases the number of future networking opportunities that are going to be available. The best investors are always able to position themselves as thought leaders in their chosen niche.

Increased Level of Confidence

There is only one way to increase one’s confidence level when it comes to investment and that is by teaching others or spending time with fellow investors. An investor must place themselves in the proper position to learn. Otherwise, they risk falling behind the curve. Don’t make the mistake of trying to learn without assistance. These networking events are too valuable of a tool to ever let them go to waste.


Yes, this is an intentional “error”. Networking is so crucial to the success of any real estate investor, it had to be listed twice!

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Becoming The “Go To Guy (or Gal)”

When an investor has a reputation for hosting valuable meetups, they are going to develop a greater level of trust within the investment community. Eventually, fellow investors will start to look at them as the go to guy (or gal) for further information on various topics. This allows the investor to start making valuable introductions within their network.

Other investors tend to look kindly upon such things. When an investor is looked upon as a connector within the community, they are more likely to find out about interesting investment opportunities in the future. The more credibility an investor can gain, the better off they will be over the long haul.

So What Are You Waiting For?

It may take a little bit of time and investment to start these meetups but the return on that investment is priceless. These “downsides” pale in comparison to all of the benefits. Even if there are no good meetups in the area, this is the investor’s cue to take initiative and get started. A real estate investor should always be looking to increase the size of their network.