Real Estate Analysis FREE site existed for almost 7 years, and thousands of users registered and used it over the years, analyzed tens of thousands of properties and saved probably hundreds of thousands of dollars on smarter investment decisions.

As time passed, however, I came to see that RealEstateAnalysisFREE was starting to appear obsolete. Not just its design, but in general it wasn’t up to modern standards of web development – not compatible with mobile devices, unresponsive, and not so user friendly anymore. What’s more, many of you were asking me for new features – you wanted to customize the reports with your own logo and company address, you asked me for multi-family/commercial real estate support and even fix- and flip-calculations. I heard your needs, gathered and collected all of your requests, and from this information, decided to develop a brand new version from scratch, using the most modern standards available. I devoted hundreds of hours of my free time to the development throughout the past 2 years. I am confident it was worth it. I am still motivated by and enjoy the development process. But, most importantly, I am excited now to show you the new version, finally!

So what does this new version feature, you ask?

  • A shorter domain name, finally!
  • Mobile/Tablet friendly responsive design
  • Simple, user friendly input forms
  • Google address lookup (just start typing the street name and it autocompletes)
  • Zillow rent Zestimate for each property
  • Automatic Google streetview photo to use
  • Capacity to upload multiple photos
  • Online report with new charting system
  • Customizable (branded) PDF reports
  • Option to make reports private (not searchable by Google)
  • Comparison tool (see which property/scenario performs better)
  • Multifamily / Commercial real estate features

I hope that you all will enjoy the new version of the revolutionary Real Estate calculator. If there is anything you would like me to add or have any feedback for me, please comment below or send me an email using the Contact form on the main Zilculator website.