Real Estate Analysis FREE ranked #6 in Google!

I am very excited about this news. I have launched this non profit project less than a year ago. I have done little bit of keyword research and found out that “Real Estate Analysis” would be probably the right keyword for the application. It was perfectly describing the mission of the software and had enough of daily searches. On the other hand the competition of the websites found for this keyword was high. Some of the main competitors of my application (such as iAnalyzeREI, RealData, areainc and ProApod)  were ranking very high – in the top 10 results! Well, long story short, after one year of consistent work on my software for investors, making the application better, listening their needs and helping to spread out the word, the result are already showing!

Today I did my research and found out that Real Estate Analysis FREE, finally got to the top 10 results in google for the main keyword “Real Estate Analysis”. You can see how it ranks when clicking on the linked below:

Real Estate Analysis FREE ranked #6 in Google

I am very proud that this free real estate investment software got ranked so high, even above such a giant as iAnalyzeREI. If somebody would tell me this a year ago, I wouldn’t believe him! Stay tuned for new developments and as usual, support us by liking our website on Facebook (the “Recommend” button) and on Twitter.