I have finally created a YouTube channel for Real Estate Analysis FREE this weekend! YouTube channel can be a great addition to our real estate investment software . Especially if we could create some interesting videos for our users. As you can see, I have created a simple welcome video by myself, but my idea is more now about creating Tutorial or “How to” videos about our property analysis tool. I think that it could really help to some of the folks using this software, to see an example of how simple and fast it is to perform the property analysis of their investment properties. For me, it takes about a minute to add in all the values and hit the “Analyze property” button. But I know that some people are still struggling a bit.

And therefore I have decided to ask you guys, fans of Real Estate Analysis FREE, who are using the software and have the ability to record screen capture videos – to help me out and create a simple “tutorial” video, how you add a parameters of an investment property and analyze it. Once you will send me the videos, I will post them on our blog and will give you all the credit for them. The best video will be then placed on our homepage and in the FAQ section. This can work as a little advertisement for people who do record such videos and tutorials, and need some more customers.

If you will decide to help out, I would like you to use the parameters saved in the file below for the sample property:



I will appreciate your help guys, send me the videos and I will keep everybody updated!

And not to forget, this is the new youtube channel:


You can subscribe to be always first to know about the new videos! Thanks!