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Zilculator helps wholesalers, rehabbers, investors and realtors with deal analysis and marketing in a matter of seconds!

  • Proven to Save Time
    Save up to 80% of the time you spend on researching, comparing, and number crunching.
  • Analyze Better
    We use industry best practices to calculate profits efficiently and accurately.
  • Impress Your Clients
    Produce comprehensive reports with all of the numbers you need to blow their socks off.
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    Access anywhere using: iPhone, Android, or the Web Browser. We've got you covered.
  • Close More Deals
    Create effective, concise, persuasive marketing materials that sell the deal for you.

Zilculator is Perfect for All of Your Real Estate Needs

Are you looking to buy or sell a property soon? Do you know what the process would be to gather the details of the property you are considering buying or selling? Don't you think it would be smart to analyze all of the factors first before making such an important decision? Well, you've come to the right place. And have found the right tool. Finding a good deal is how we all make money in real estate.


It works great if you're a wholesaler who needs to calculate offers, find buyers for their deals, and get comparable sales. Zilculator helps with the maximum offer calculation and generates marketing reports to sell your deals quickly.

Wholesale real estate report


It works great if you're a rehabber who needs to find capital partners or lenders. Zilculator helps you effortlessly create lender reports which covers renovation costs and more and operating expenses.

Fix and Flip deal analysis


It works great for investors who need to decide which deal is the most profitable and which investment to pursue. Zilculator helps to calculate return on investment, cash flow forecasts and lets the you compare properties or even various investment scenarios.

Resale Price Distribution Chart


It works great for realtors who need to create marketing sheets and reports to sell properties, especially for investors. Zilculator helps with all of that and more. In just 1-2 minutes, you can generate reports for properties and share them with potential buyers.

Property Listings page

In other words... Zilculator is the best tool for those in the real estate game as it instantly helps wholesalers, rehabbers, investors and realtors with deal analysis, marketing, and everything in between!

How Zilculator Works

This easy-to-use real estate software is created to be simple and intuitive. In fact, here is a quick overview of the steps you will take when analyzing your property:

Enter property details to generate an online property report
Compare your properties with the Zilculator comparison tool and then share your report by email and Facebook (or download it as a PDF)
Make smarter investment decisions and save thousands of dollars - in just minutes!
Curtis W. Photo

"Zilculator is the tool I have been searching for!! This system is by far the easiest product I have used for analysis of properties."

Curtis W. (Realtor)
Brendon H. Photo

"I was hesitant about getting this software tool. Not going to lie. After all, most software out there can be difficult to use and only complicate things further. Luckily, I listened to my gut instinct, and found out how easy Zilculator was. It has been a game changer for me and my business."

Brendon H. (Wholesaler)
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"I like that I can analyze several exit options with just a few clicks and the reports make me look like the professional I strive to become."

Mark S. (Investor)

Finally, Now You Can Analyze Every Type Of Deal

  • Wholesale
    Save time, weed out any bad deals, and present amazing opportunities for your buyers.
  • Rehab & Flip
    Know your costs, and what you'll make on a flip, and evaluate all of your financing options.
  • Rehab & Hold
    Quickly calculate your numbers and find out if your deal will make a good rental investment.
  • Buy & Hold
    Analyze deals, figure out your profit potential, and start with positive cash flow right away.
  • BRRRR Method
    Use the Buy-Rehab-Rent-Refinance-Repeat method to build a profitable portfolio - fast!

Your goal should be to correctly value and analyze properties. Well, now you can. Simply use the popular Zilculator whenever you need a property analysis report. It's extremely valuable if you want to truly understand how your property stacks up in the marketplace. It's also important when making any financial decisions on whether to buy, hold, or sell.

Zilculator is as affordable as 2 movie tickets per month

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